Sell Your Memories

by Fonda

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Sell Your Memories is the new full length album from FONDA.
Fusing together classic pop hooks and gracious, dreampop sonics, FONDA approach pop music's most celebrated subjects with a colorful, blissed-out, reverbed drenched kaleidoscopic wall of sound. It's a collection of sad love songs, dreamy crush stories and bittersweet break-ups.


released February 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Fonda Los Angeles, California

"A gorgeous look into current shoegaze music, Fonda provides a sparkling gem of sound and scope. " ---Performer Magazine

"it's kaleidoscopic, and divine" ---The Big Takeover

"Wispy male/female harmonies floating effortlessly over a wall of reverbed guitars and synth" - The Deli
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Track Name: Seeing Stars
there’s nothing that you could say
that would keep me away from you
i’m hanging on to the day
it’s the thought that gets me through

you know I can read your mind
it’s there like an open book
your soul is what’s hard to find
perhaps why it’s mine you took

i’m seeing stars
i’m seeing you
i’m wearing scars
i’m pulling through

i’m lying awake at night
but the nightmares follow me
suffocating the light
drowning everything I see

if you saw me
you’d think I was alive
if you’d touch me
you’d know you can’t survive
the thought that gets me through
is knowing this hurts you

you know there’s no place to go
just a world inside my head
silence the radio
everyone you know is dead
Track Name: You've Got a Life of Your Own
find out where you’ve gone
let me come along

i should have known
you’ve got a life of your own
i should have known
when you didn’t come home

will you let me see
your darkest memories

i should have known
best to leave them alone
i should have known
you couldn’t find your way home

faster than the sun
dreaming for just anyone
to find away inside
the hearts, the minds

I could never fail
you always left a trail when did I know
that you wanted to go ?
when did I know
it was only for show ?

break inside to see
Track Name: You and I
another rainy day commute
crammed on the eastbound train
I read the message left from you

lets get away just you and I
we will be together in the sunshine
it will last forever

the office walls, the ringing phones
the noise is deafening
can’t wait to see you after work
i’m packing up let’s say goodbye
and we’ll go together to the sunshine
the days will last forever

the ocean waves
the windswept smile
the sandy hair

our tiny corner of the world seems far away
Track Name: She Is Real
the colors fade away
the canvas starts to fray
i’m leaving in the night
a note on the porch light

the desert skies are barriers
the city glimmers in the rear view mirror
all my friends said marry her
don’t know that I would ask if she were here

she is real

the songs of yesterday
the words we tried to say
the letters never read
the wishing you were dead

the days are short, the years are long
I never even thought I could be wrong
a page turned in your favorite book:
a thunderstorm reminding me again that she is real

our better days behind us
living our lives in our new worlds
saved all of your photos
but they’re gone
Track Name: Summer's Gone
all of your life
lived in the dark
how does it feel?

kissed by the sun
a second’s gone
open your eyes

summer’s gone, summer’s here
fall in love, fall apart

this your chance
watching her go
never to see her anymore

spending the last years of your life
chasing a ghost

don’t fall in love again
Track Name: Last Goodbyes
we sing
the night, we’re now alone at last
the day is now part of the past
we dance
and we sway, fall asleep after you say
“the world can wait another day”

only the love, only the night
only the songs we're thinking of
only the words, only the love
only the the sunlight from above

we lost
the years go by, we let them go
to someone else’s life you know
we dance
and we sway,
at 3am, your humor’s lost
another drink and the line’s crossed

we say
pretending to be someone new hiding in plain sight
and you dance and sway
falling to the ground alone
hanging on the telephone and crash
Track Name: Moving Forward
realize the price you pay
telling me that we are sinking
save it for another day
know the words your gonna say

summer turns to fall again
i never knew what you were thinking
minutes, seconds, hours, days
half a lifetime anyway to shine

moving forward

realize the price you pay
when you see the world uncertain
nothing left for us to say
no more games for us to play

summer turns to fall again
i don’t care what you are thinking
all the wasted hours, days
half a lifetime anyway so shine

moving forward

I am the life the will pass you by
all of these things
have to wonder why
Track Name: You Make My Life So Extraordinary
tears or rain, I cannot tell
a little smile, a lie you sell

a dream, a crush, a love story
a cigarette you’d share with me

I’ll always need you
can’t we see this through ?

i try to let you go
it’s best for us I know
afraid to be alone
please don’t hang up the phone
Track Name: A Million Dreams From Here
hands open doors
drifting silent into
the glow, fingertips
just a million dreams from here

lightning in hand
and the comets falling
the fear shoulders in
were you ever really here ?

sky’s too bright
cannot see any stars tonight
chasing every single memory of you

then you called
you called

cold blank stares
in a getaway car
the blood paper bag
with keys to another day

voices alive
in the city spaces
i can’t understand
all the words are stinging me.

sky’s too bright
cannot see any stars tonight
chasing every single memory of you

try to see
all the things you have given me
I will wait forever
I’ll l be here when you call

then you called
you called

(you make my life so extraordinary)
Track Name: Let The Sunlight Lead Us Home
(for henry)

i got a lot of things to tell you
about this world to help you get through
like the sun and ocean air
i always will be there

keep you close i’m there by your side
I’ll wipe away the tears when you cry
I hope I have the strength to see
the time to set you free

we cannot say goodbye and let you go
let the sunlight lead us home

you’re the stars in the sky
you’re the reason I’m alive
stay close to home
stay close to me